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Stand for the Truth, Spread the Word

I got this Email a few days ago through my subscription with AE911Truth, with which I'm familiar since a few years. Given the importance of the info and the shocking facts and science conclusions, there's still so many questions that lack logic answers to those events...

Crisis in the Region, For How Long Yet?

Crisis?! There may be other words to name it... Six years and before that there were years and years of crisis in this region. Countries are being destroyed and lives are taken for nothing...Really for nothing. But in fact it is a big thing that's going on and it is...

John Perkins and His Dangerous Confessions

Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development(USAID), and other …


On a December 2012 article titled “Madness in the Royal Library,” Weekendavisen writer Søren K. Villemoes referred to Dr. Harrit and his fellow 9/11 activists as “crackpots,” while also comparing them to creationists and Holocaust deniers.

Diet Soda Causes Heart Attacks And Stroke

An extended study was conducted on the subject for several years and concluded that people drinking two or more cans of diet soda are 30% more likely to cardiovascular issues like heart attacks, and 50% more likely to die from heart diseases than people who don’t drink diet soda.

Conflict in Syria is all about money!

Is it the same scenario in Syria? Seems it is!The international game that we are accustomed to see since decades, and the most -or one of the most- effective ways to take things in hand is to invest money to create a problem, suggest a solution and then impose it....

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