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Is it the same scenario in Syria? Seems it is!

The international game that we are accustomed to see since decades, and the most -or one of the most- effective ways to take things in hand is to invest money to create a problem, suggest a solution and then impose it. This is the actual case in Syria; what lies behind the scene is big fortunes moved to and multiplied through war and corruption.

Believe me or not, but this is the way things have been done, and this is the handwriting of the major global players driven by their hungry money lords. And by giving away a few or whatever billions on the “Make it ours” initial surgery to the case, they make more and more wealth, and this wealth is usually combined with shattered countries, torn away nations, corruption and total misery… all that is “For a few dollars more”.

The conflict in Syria is nothing more than a continuation of the dominance game, who controls the region controls oil, and the opposite is true. So those almost endless supplies of energy that started to show up in the last two decades are more than strategic for many big birds, and there’s many ways to do so.

In this situation the Syrian official side finds itself in a bad situation and needs cover, and the best option here is Russia with it’s new  and fresh muscles rebuilt lately by Vladimir Putin after the significant decline in late communist and early new Russian Federation under Yeltsin. Adding to that the strong potential of the Russian companies who also have a great interest in investing there. This process eventually outcomes in someone losing and someone else wins the sweet cake, and the war starts here. 

Watch a video on the subject (Arabic)

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