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Crisis?! There may be other words to name it…

Six years and before that there were years and years of crisis in this region. Countries are being destroyed and lives are taken for nothing…Really for nothing. But in fact it is a big thing that’s going on and it is not that simple. We’ll come to that elsewhere.

But the question that really haunts me day and night is How on Earth is wealth more important than human lives and destinies?
How on Earth is the taste of power and wealth made by bloodshed and torn lives?

That’s one of millions of questions we ask here everyday and every time we look into each others’ eyes. We know many of the answers, and there’s yet to be revealed, but in any case, it will be useless in such communities that are taught to be irresponsible. But regardless of the fact, people are not completely ignorant, they are aware of the common scenario that stirs events every hour and every day. Media by it’s turn plays a major role guiding the ignorant masses according their owners’ “orientation”. And in most cases it misguiding and not worth any respect.

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